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The CSC Chassis proudly used for the Johnex 427 Cobra Roadster/Coupe Replicas have been maticulously engineered, designed and fabricated by reknowned race car chassis company "CSC Racing" The full upper roll cage, with it's structural round-tubular stock car platform, plays a very large role, in the aspects of safety and durability; therefore making the CSC chassis, used in EVERY Johnex 427 Cobra Roadster/Coupe, agile enough to deliver the racing performance expected from up to and exceeding a 600+ h.p.Engine, yet, at the same time, delivering the safety considerations, deemed manditory by Johnex Cobras, for the everyday driving of your family & friends.


The CSC Chassis
  • Strut Mounts
  • Lower Mounting
  • Coil-Over Shock Mounts
  • Seat Belt Mounts
  • Door Hinge Mounts
  • Steering Column Mounts
    Brake Lever Holes and Cable Mounting Tabs
  • Bumper Mounts
  • Brake and Clutch Pedal Assembly Mounts (for Tilten Pedals)
  • Rear Suspension Pick-up Points
  • Drive Shaft Safety Loop
  • Transmission Frame Mounts
  • Door Latch Mounts
  • Windsheild Mounts
  • Battery Tray Part of the Chassis Gas Tank Studs

    Our Chassis' are equipped with the following:

    With an Approved Chassis Strength Rating of up to, and in excess of, 600 H.P. (The Strongest Tested Chassis in the Marketplace!)

    * The Main frame rails are of a 2X4 Construction as well, the front crossmembers are pre-drilled to accept Johnex Cobras tubular control arms and steering rack. *
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