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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Your Pre-Built Cars Certified?

We certify every Turnkey Car.

Do These Cars Come With a Warranty?

Please contact us for warranty information.

Do You Sell The Body and Chassis Separately?

Yes, we do, reluctantly...
As with every Replica, there are certain ways that each car assembles. We want to be sure that the Johnex Body is complimented with the designated Chassis and vice versa. Minor tolerances will create major differences that blister into time consuming issues. Do it once, Do it right. If you use the designated parts for the intended purposes, your end result doesn't have to be compromised.

How Do I Pay For My Order?

We accept the following methods of payment for orders:
Contact Anthony at +1-905-358-7368 for processing.
Johnex Cobras
2315 Whirlpool Street
Niagara Falls
New York
PAYPAL PAYMENTS can be sent to:

How Is The Car Registered?

That will depend on the location you want to register it;
We take many factors into consideration when registration is at stake. Will your insurability decrease if we register it one way compared to another? At Johnex Cobras, we care what happens in the future, so we want to assist you in making the best possible decision you can.

Does The Car Have a 427 c.i.d. Engine?

Would you prefer a 427 engine?
Johnex Cobras can custom-build/supply crated, many various engine combinations for your Replica. Depending on what lever of performance you would like to achieve from your car. From mild to wild we can accomodate your best selection. With a little assistance from our experienced staff, we can assess the intended use of your Replica, establish what would be the most appropriate for your motor/trans. combination using experienced calculations, and get you on the road and keep you out of the repair shop.
Let's face it...there is a considerable difference in a car intended for driving "light to light" in the city, as compared to a car intended for that long winding road to revert you back to your teen-years again. (ALWAYS drive safely...we want your family to enjoy your Replica-Adventure also!)

Does The Car Come With Day-Time Running Lights?

Daytime Running Lights are OPTIONAL.
At Johnex Cobras, we will install various features to your build packages upon request.
We provide top-quality service and installations at affordable pricing.

Do You Deliver?

Yes, we deliver.
We are also owner-operators of a Bonded Carrier Company: Central Services Inc.
Central Services Inc. can deliver your vehicle to virtually any U.S. Destination via Flatbed or full Enclosures.
We are also available at extremely competetive pricing with reliable schedules providing damage-free delivery of your vehicle or Replica Kit.

What Expenses or Paperwork Will Be Involved To Get a Johnex Car/Part To USA?

There are 2 completely different scenarios here:

Scenario #1: Your total order is under US$2,000.00

There is a simple processing (Johnex Cobras will process this for you at NO ADDITIONAL COST) to Export/Import your product/s to you, bearing the Johnex Money-Back-Guarantee, assuring our customers of NO DUTY, NO TAXES, NO HIDDEN FEES upon or after your orders' arrival. It's simply like making a purchase from an American Company as all of our outbound U.S. destinations being shipped will leave from our U.S. point of departure:
Johnex Cobras
2315 Whirlpool Street
Niagara Falls
New York


Scenario #2: Your total order is over US$2,000.00

Our PAPS-Approved Brokers will generate "PAPS" papers for entry into the United States (Pre-Arrival Processing System) At this point in time, there will be prices set as far as brokerage fees (averaging $250-$300 for a Turnkey/Turnkey Minus/Chassis with Frame) From there you may Pick-Up at a pre-arranged location yourself, or arrange a carrier, or Johnex can also make the arrangements for you.

Either Way...Johnex Cobras will be assisting in the process until your purchase arrives at your destination safely and hassle-free with up to $100,000.00 U.S. Shipping Insurance.

How Do I Tell My Wife I Just Bought One?

We recommend that you start with buying flowers and dinner ;-)

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